Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Homeboy

If Little Zelly can get her own post, you'd better believe H can get his. When the older kids went back to school, I got my homeboy back--my funny little buddy who gets excited about everything and, now that his siblings are in school, doesn't have anyone to shout over and instead keeps me company with the best little observations and conversations. He's particularly good about suggesting what's being built around the town. Just today, he was sure that the furniture store going up was going to be a dungeon. And the house next to where he plays soccer will probably be a fire station. 

Except this year, my home boy is not always home (little Zelly is glad she gets a break from his constant attention!). He started Mrs. Bradshaw's preschool and loves every minute of it. 

We also decided to let him play on the neighborhood soccer team to let him use some of that energy and to help him make new friends in the neighborhood because he still regularly asks if we can move back to our old house "when this one gets dirty" so he can live next door to his buddy Charlotte. His soccer team is the Black Alligators.

And we never know exactly which version of H we're going to find around the house. Here he is as Monkey H, reading his scriptures in the voice of a monkey during family scripture time. 

 Wolf H showed up just in time to go to the zoo with cousins. H loved every minute of it.

 Little Zelly, on the other hand, didn't know what to think about the cold (the high was in the low 50s and we got there in the morning!). Mostly she sat like the blob she was since I'd put so many clothes on her that she could barely move her arms.

H the Hulk has helped me drive carpool plenty of times and may show up again for Halloween, or we may see SuperH, especially given H's current obsession with Superman's many powers. Today H was very sad that he wasn't really Superman because Superman has Supervision and can see inside his own body and H really wants to see what's inside himself. I got out the Human Body book and showed him some pictures of cells and bones and such. It distracted him but didn't make up for the fact that he has no Supervision.

I love my Homeboy H!


mwells said...

He's awesome! I want you to move back when your house gets dirty too!

Jeri said...

Love it!