Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Corny Cornbellys

On one of the warmer minimal Mondays in October, we hit Cornbellys corn maze and pumpkin fest, much to the delight of H, as he had been sleeping with the Cornbellys flier by his bed for over a week. It was a lot of corny fun. We spent so much time on the random activities that we didn't leave much time for the maze. And we underestimated how cold it would get once the sun went down. We were hot in the afternoon and freezing in the evening. Numerous expensive hot chocolates didn't do much for the situation. So we tried some pumpkin donuts just in case that would help. They did have some bonfires going, which was nice. In the end, we did a cursory walk through the maze, took an unauthorized shortcut, and emerged victorious. Maybe next year we'll conquer the maze. H kept on his Cornbellys wrist band until I made him take it off on Halloween. He was determined that if he kept it on, we would return. He even prayed about it a few times.


Watching the pig races

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