Friday, January 8, 2010

By the Numbers: Christmas Vacation and Aftermath

Days in Utah after Christmas: 8
Hours in the car driving to and from Utah: 25
Hours H cried in the car driving to and from Utah: I'm trying to block this out so I'm willing to go again
High temperature the day we arrived: 24
Bowling games: 1; laser tag: 1, mini-golf: 1; movies: 4
Sledding outings: 4
Number of adults, lying prone, that Mister cleared on his sled while going off of the jump: 4
Average bedtime for J and I: 1am
Homemade cookies eaten while there: dozens and dozens (by me alone)
Number of lego pieces assembled by Mister over the break: 1139
Clothing items I purchased New Years' Day with the $75 given by my parents: 9 (thanks, Mom and Dad! Hooray for sales!)

Days back from Utah: 5
High temperatures the day we arrived home: 71 (that's more like it!)
Days back in school: 3
Days late for school: 2
Times I told children to get dressed this morning: 7 (really, shouldn't this be intuitive? that you don't sit around in your underwear? for one, it's chilly in the am)
Average number of times H gets up each night since the beginning of December: 4 (apparently he missed the pre-earth life class on appropriate sleep habits for a newborn vs. 5-month old)
Days exercised since returning: 3 (hooray for New Years' Resolutions!)
Cookies left in the batch Sweetie and I made yesterday: 0 (New Years' Resolutions? What New Years' Resolutions?!)
Number of falls Sweetie took before learning to ride a bike without training wheels yesterday: 0 (go Sweetie!)
Days Sweetie will cry for loosing books/song privileges tonight: approximately 29.565 ("all the days of my life")
Days it's taken me to put down Christmas decor and unpack: 5 and counting!

1. Sleep, 2. Home, 3. Health


Hayley said...

I am there with you on the kids getting dressed part. I don't get it. Oh well. It seems like you had a pretty good Christmas. I hope all is well.

Madsen Family said...

I love Christmas by the numbers. Why are you so cute and witty? Why, oh why, can't I be like you? And why, oh why, don't babies ever want to sleep? It's a good thing babies are so cute, right? And kudos to you for traveling such long distances in the car with a baby. You are so brave.

Jenn said...

Hi Catherine-
Greetings from Austin. I just found you here - Congratulations on your cute little boy and on graduation!!!
Love, Jenn

bluestocking mama said...

jessy, you make me laugh! why, oh why, can't i be like you, my friend?!

jenn! i'm so glad to "see" you--i'm going to email you right now.