Friday, February 12, 2010

In full Valentine's mode

Full Valentine's mode. That's us. Sweetie has been hard at work, decorating cookies, grating crayons for shavings, cutting hearts, dying coffee filters pink and stringing them in patterns. And we've been hard at work leaving notes for each other on the little tree (my favorite Valentine's tradition), doing acts of service and passing on LB--the Love Bear, and leaving notes and treats in the pockets of the kids' Valentine's pillowcases. I love Valentine's day with kids!

Thanks to Sweetie's request, she and I hosted a mother/daughter Valentine's lunch yesterday with 5 of her friends and their moms, but the only pics I got were post-lunch playing on the swings. We sat out on the patio in the nice 70-degree day and ate heart-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches, heart-shaped macaroni and cheese, chicken won ton salad, grapes, lemonade, and sugar cookies. Sweetie requested games, but I told her food and play would be good enough this time around :)

Grrr, blogger is not letting me tile my pictures like I usually do. So here's a loooong row of Valentine's pics for you, including the kids' Valentine's for this year. We copied Alyssa's idea from last year.


brown paper packages said...

You had me at 70 degrees, lol. Everything looks wonderful--the decorations, the food,the party, and the kids. I think the mom is pretty wonderful too!

Lei said...

Fun, fun!!! Love your garland... I wish I'd made mine longer now that I see yours!!!