Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A rough patch and keeping perspective

It started 4-5 weeks ago with H's first taste of rice cereal. He liked it (and he liked the bib even more!) The problem is that the rice cereal liked him too. So much so that it did not want to leave his little body, despite multiple glycerin suppositories daily, 8 baby food containers worth of prunes, pear juice, and a purchase of miralax.

Add to those problems a terrible cold, cough, and fever that made the rounds through all of us, but has hit H especially hard. Monday I took H back to the doctor because I was worried that his cough, which has only gotten worse over the past 2 weeks, had gone to his lungs. Thankfully it hadn't, but he is sporting a double ear infection. I'm glad that there's some explanation for his waking up 5-6 times a night. However, now that the antibiotics have kicked in, we're off to the store today to try a different brand of diapers. The Pampers Cruisers are not keeping the antibiotic-induced diaper contents from doing a little cruising of their own.

So I have spent my fair share of time in the rocking chair in little H's room over the past 4-5 weeks with a fussy, tired, sick baby. And I am worn out, drained, and just plain tired to my core. I have been thankful for this Alex Nabaum illustration that I have hanging in H's room:

At times it has helped me keep my perspective a bit to think about my non-sleeping baby as a little acorn, who will not need this kind of intense, physical nurturing for long. One day we'll all sleep again. Let's hope it's soon!


Dena said...

That's a neat picture! I hope he gets feeling better soon! Sick babies are so hard and there isn't a whole lot that you can to help other than give comfort. I hope you both get some sleep soon!

Hayley said...

That is a very cool picture. I don't miss the days of a baby that doesn't sleep. It is crazy how quickly they grow up. I guess we just need to enjoy them now because they will be older and independent before we know it. Good luck with the sleeping situation!

Charity said...

Hang in there Catherine! Thinking of you.

Pattie@Pamperes said...
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Pattie@Pamperes said...
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Pattie@Pampers said...

Oh no! The only thing that should be ‘cruising’ in our diapers is your son! My name is Pattie--I actually work for Pampers and came across your post. First of all, I’m so sorry to how sick your little one has been. I sure hope he’s doing better and that you both are getting some much needed sleep. He is absolutely precious.

As for the Pampers Cruisers, have you tried moving up a size? As size increases, so does the absorbency/containment and that should definitely help keep the contents inside. I sure hope you’ll give Cruisers another try. Feel free to contact us at 1-866-586-5654 if you’d like any further help or have any questions. Thanks.