Friday, May 14, 2010

More birthday pics than you ever wanted to see

I survived birthday week. But just barely. I feel like I'm treading water here lately, not going anywhere or making any progress and barely keeping my head above water. So here's a recap of the birthday happenings:

The Sunday before Mister's bday we had our family party with Mister's requested babyback ribs, little smokies, pickle spears cake, ice cream, presents, and games.

Then, the Tuesday of Mister's bday, we took Krispy Kremes to his class and went out to Panda Express (Mister's favorite) before his tball game. The Saturday after, he and Sweetie had a joint friend party at Chucky Cheese.

The next day (Sunday), after my students' little piano recital, we had Sweetie's family party with cake, ice cream, presents, games (she requested to play spoons, with pictures of her as a baby). She got 2 new dress-ups, as you can see. So, she needed to have her friends over Monday morning on her actual birthday to play dress-up. We painted fingernails, had a brownie and lemonade tea party, and they played mermaids. Mermaids have to go down waterfalls at times, as you can tell. All I can say, is Phew! I'm glad it's over. I love birthday week, but it's also exhausting.


brown paper packages said...

What fun birthday celebrations!!

Happy Birthday!!

Rachel said...

I'm exhausted just looking at the pics!! It looks like you had a lot of fun.