Monday, May 24, 2010


Why did I think a play make-up kit was a good idea for a birthday present for a 5-year-old? Why did I not foresee the clown faces, the tattoos (apparently a play make-up kit these days is not complete without them), and the clawed nails (which do NOT stay on 5-year-old fingers, thereby resulting in random choking hazards for little H, many tears for Sweetie, and countless pleadings for me to HURRY and STOP whatever I'm doing to reattach the nail). As I reattached Sweetie's nails for the first time, I vividly remembered, suddenly, doing this same thing when I was a girl and the trauma of the nails that won't stay on.
1. Open windows and breezes--spring weather coming back again! 2. A quiet house, 3. the 6 Milk Duds left in the box

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Rachel said...

Oh, the memories...