Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is that a dinosaur cleaning the play room?

Nope, just Sweetie. Apparently she works better incognito.
Here she is writing to her missionary cousin. Maybe the words flow better when you wear a mask? I'll look into that theory the next time I have writer's block.

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Saysha said...

Yay for all the posts! 1st of all, I am SO glad to see that picture of Meg with a million silly bands on. I think they're silly, but the girls are obsessed with them. :o) 2nd: I about died laughing at the dinosaur cleaning pictures. She is a nut! And I have to tell you that Abby and Emma have that same Halloween shirt as Meg. Abby remembered that Meg had it, and she told me to text you the day they wore it, and I forgot. But they both wore it and they both wore the EXACT same skirt as Meg in that picture too! Ha...crazy. Maybe it was the same day. Either way, Abby is going to love that picture. Oh...and I can't believe how big Henry is getting! Sheesh...time flies!