Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweetie plays soccer

And who knew she would be so fierce? Actually, I should have known, since I play games with her at family game night every Sunday and am well-acquainted with my do-anything-to-win and sad-face-when-losing Sweetie. Still, I didn't anticipate this level of fierceness. She averages 2 goals a game, and the child sacrifices her body for the ball. At this game below, she hit the goal post three times, each time from diving in front of the ball to save a goal. All I can say is that if we play soccer for family game night, I want Sweetie on my team.

Getting a hug from a teammate after scoring a goal:

Spectators: Mister catching the footballs J throws down the sidelines and H, looking for dogs in the crowd and other people's food and drinks to confiscate.

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