Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas card 2010

I totally copied this idea from my friend Courtney. Here's this year's Christmas card/letter for those of you who didn't get it in the mail (some got returned, some I forgot the postage--go figure).

Front of the postcard:
Back of the postcard:
The Naughty List

J: Spends too much time away from home.

Me: Spends too much time on the computer.

Mister (7): Eats so many sweets that he’s had multiple root canals, cavities, and a pulled tooth this year. Throws his football in the house too much.

Sweetie (5): Bosses her older brother and smothers her younger brother.

H (17 months): Has an affinity for climbing and for waking up before 6am. Tackles, pokes, pushes, and hits other kids.

The Nice List

J: When he’s away, he’s working hard (still for Bank of America), serving as a member of the bishopric in our church, and squeezing in some time for sports, mainly playing golf and watching BYU football/basketball.

Me: Spends that computer time writing/editing for Segullah.org, responding to student emails and creating lesson plans for the persuasive writing class I started teaching at ASU, and trying to update my blog (bluestockingmama.blogspot.com).

Mister: Sweets for the sweet, since Mister is a kind and obedient boy. His football-throwing habits can be attributed to his love of sports and to his first year playing flag football.

Sweetie: Took her in-charge approach to life to the soccer field to become a star player for the Pink Scorpions. Thriving in kindergarten. Memorized everyone’s phone numbers in her class so we can call them at will.

H: Is an avid teeth brusher, due to the extra time he spends sitting in the sink after scaling the toilets/cabinets to get there. Has perfected his “shhh” to use when everyone else is sleeping. Gives SO many loves and kisses, and finds the world around him amazing: “WHOA!!” is his favorite word.

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