Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas traveling, phase 3

The day after Christmas, we made the l.o.n.g. trek to Utah. I am still trying to forget that drive. The morning we were supposed to come home, J woke up with an inner ear virus that made it impossible for him to get out of bed--extreme nausea. So we waited until 1:30, doped him up with lots of drugs, and took off to see how far we would make it. We ended up just going and going until, at 1am, we pulled into our driveway and our cold, cold home (it had been highs in the 40s while we were gone and lows in the 20s, and because that is unheard of in the desert, we turned our heat off while we were gone.)

But I digress. Let's focus on all of the fun times we had while in Utah. We played in the snow (and apparently, from this first photo, Mister ate a bit of it). We played first, at Grandma's house, then went sledding (at 17 degrees). Even H went down the hill. Grandpa was our faithful ride up the big hill. And, no jumps, like last time.

We exchanged gifts. The boys all got nerf bow and arrows from Grandma and Grandpa and the girls all got Cabbage Patch Kids. The kids also made a few mean forts in the basement while the adults exchanged gifts.
And, we went bowling (while H went on some nice horse-back rides around the bowling alley) and to the Hansen Planetarium (no pics on the last one--I had a crazed 1-year-old to chase).

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