Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Traveling, part 1

36 hours in the car over the space of 15 days. That was Christmas for us this year. And it will never happen again. It was miserable. (The traveling part, anyway, the visiting part was fun!)

So, phase 1 of Christmas traveling: California. The weekend before Christmas, we headed to sunny California. Wait. Sunny California was not so sunny. It never stopped raining. This was a problem given busy boy H who desperately needed a place to run and play. Thankfully, he did not unwrap all of Grandma's wrapped presents (like he did at our house). Nor did he take too many ornaments off the trees. And we managed to pass 5 days without anything major breaking. Phew! He did, however, find the stash of permanent markers:

In order to escape the rain, we visited the Discovery Science Center, where the kids tried out the wind tunnel, the rock wall, and the bed of nails and where H almost wore out the slide.
Opening presents at Grandma and Grandpa's:

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