Friday, July 29, 2011

Little H turns TWO!

Our little H is no longer very little. While we were in California, he had his second birthday. We celebrated with a memory game of pictures of H over his 2 very eventful years of life and with the balloon-around-the ankle, try-to-pop-everyone-else's balloon game. I don't think the people renting the downstairs of the beach house appreciated the latter game, but oh well. We also had presents, of course, and cake. H was very much looking forward to blowing out his candles and to the singing of Happy Birthday. We practiced a lot at home because he loved it so much. On the actual day, though, he seemed more overwhelmed by the number of people present to wish him a happy birthday. Since he is still highly allergic to eggs, I bought him 2 vegan red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles while the rest of us ate massive amounts of the 9-pound Costco cake. H rejected the cupcakes and instead kept sticking his finger and spoon in the frosting of the Costco cake.

Here are some of the reasons why we are so so glad that H joined our family just over 2 years ago:
* His hugs and kisses. He often grabs my legs and says, "Up, peez" and only wants to give me a hug and kiss. He also thinks it's hilarious to kiss people's collarbones.
* His copycatting. H is a little parrot these days, and you know what they say: imitation is the more sincere form of flattery, right?
* His comic relief. H is a jokester and a tease. It's fun to see his personality come out. He also has some hilarious dance moves, and in H's book, any words or random sounds can be sung to the tune of the alphabet song. He also named his favorite blanket "Caffrun."
* His "help". He insists on helping vacuum, sweep, bake (a dangerous endeavor for an egg-allergic kid), and pick up.
* His expressions: "Um," "Yep," "Nope," "Yikes," "Yeah,"

A few random things about H to record for the future:
favorite foods: pasta, grapes, raisins, chocolate chips, fruit snacks
favorite songs: Bingo, She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain, Wheels on the Bus
favorite TV show: he won't watch them, but he loooves Elmo. And in the car, he likes our only DVD of Barney (heaven help us all)
favorite toys: bikes and scooters but when we have to be indoor, like the present time, his favorites are the plastic animals, playdoh, trains (a new favorite), his plastic golf clubs, and games--Bingo, Hullaballoo, and Cariboo


mwells said...

He's such a cutie, and you are such a fun mom! Happy b-day H!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

He is so darling! Can you believe our boys are two? Crazy!

Jeri said...

Kid has packed a lot of life into just two years! What a cute little guy! Sorry about the egg allergy--that's the pits. Hope he grows out of it.