Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today I was ready for school to start. Last night Mister had a late night at a friend's and Sweetie was not to be outdone, so she also stayed up until 10pm, and, of course, Mister's body has never known how to sleep past the crack of dawn. Both were grouchy, fighting and arguing. Doors were slammed, trains were thrown, etc. etc. I had planned on going to the pool this afternoon, but it seems that last time we were there, I left my pass and my driver's license. So, no swimming for us, and hopefully, no tickets for me until I get that little beauty replaced. Instead, we set up the Little People and resurrected the trains from the garage and the old games (Cootie, High Ho Cherry-O, Mr. Mouth) from the closet (I left Candyland, Lucky Ducks, and Hungry Hungry Hippos up there--I am not that desperate yet).
Tonight Mister and Sweetie had late nights here at our house with friends. The boys played board games and video games and ate cookies and ice cream sundaes. The girls turned their ice cream sundaes into soup-like mixtures, they painted, played Cootie, got out the paper dolls, and watched a little bit of Tinkerbell. H thought he was a big kid until we made him go to bed at 8:30. He giggled at the paper dolls, pounded the extra Cootie into the table until he broke it, slurped his ice cream, and stuffed Reeses into his mouth as fast as he could, barely chewing one up before asking for another one with his little teeth smeared with chocolate.

So now it is 10:37 and the kids have been in bed for only 24 minutes and I am soaking up this little bit of quiet before I crash and before we start all over again in the morning, hopefully without the fighting and with the missing driver's license found.

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mwells said...

Sounds like "FUN"!