Monday, August 15, 2011

3 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Got to Eat Lunch with H Today

1. He ate his cheese sandwich, strawberries, and Cheetos without a word of complaint.
2. He noticed that I did not put Cheetos on my plate (self-denial is easier for me the earlier it is in the day--by 8pm, I have lost all constraint). He did not like my lack of Cheetos and kept insisting I eat some. "Mommy have Cheetos. Mommy have Cheetos." What's a mom to do but cave to the child's demands?
3. He kept leaning over to give me kisses on my knee or my arm, both of which are acceptable places, even for cheese-covered little lips.

Speaking of lips, while I was in the shower today, H found Sweetie's play dress-up lipstick, which she had assured me was carefully hidden and out of H's reach. I should not have taken her at her word, seeing as how last week the pack of gum that she thought was carefully hidden and out of H's reach turned out not to be. Sweetie climbed the ladder to her top bunk to go to bed, only to be greeted by a small mound of chewed up gum on her sheet--all of the gum in the pack. It was mint-flavored and H is not partial to mint. But he had to be sure that ALL of the pieces were minty. Poor H. He must have been so disappointed. And poor Sweetie. She spent her allowance on that gum and wailed like it was a year's worth of allowance instead of 1/4 of a month's worth (after savings and tithing). And poor Mom, who had to clean up the mound of gum.

But anyway, today's shower trade-off made for a cute pic, and the lipstick didn't get on much else besides his lips (er, I mean his face). He also smeared a generous helping of shampoo and gel on his hair. He wasn't so happy with the gel after it dried in spikes that felt like they were cement. "Mom, hair hurt," he said to me, very puzzledly. Despite his escapades, we are loving the stage of life that H is in. He says the funniest things and is the most loving little boy. What would we do without H?

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mwells said...

That is too cute! Way to capture the moment!