Monday, August 29, 2011

Sounds of the Day

The worst sounds of the day:
  • The alarm clock. Usually I'm a morning person, but after a few nights of no sleep thanks to fevers following H's MMR and Hep shots, I was/am b.e.a.t.
  • The Cootie game being dumped out by H. Again.
  • The Barney "Fun on Wheels" DVD that H insists on watching when I shower. I believe I have made clear my opinion of Barney before.
  • Sweetie's fake sobs at losing TV privileges for tomorrow after refusing to turn the TV off today.
  • J's "gotcha's" and turkey gobble noises during FHE treats. Now, he does a mighty fine turkey gobble. But 50 times? There's a reason why we don't have turkeys (many reasons, actually, but that is one of them).
  • The sound of H's milk cup falling and bouncing around the kitchen as it distributed its contents freely after FHE.
  • The noise coming right now from H's bedroom. Last night it was 9:45 before he fell asleep. The kid can last.
The best sounds of the day:
  • An old friend's voice--ran into her at the gym this morning.
  • A silent monitor for 2 hrs and 45 minutes while H took a monster nap so I could almost finish making changes on my 5th draft of my article. Can't wait to finish it. Can't stand looking at it anymore.
  • The phone ringing and it's not a telemarketer.
  • The garage door going up--J's home from work!
  • H's smacking lips when he gives goodnight kisses.
  • Kids laughing together while brushing their teeth.


Madsen Family said...

I'd have to say the best sound today for me was THE SOUND OF SILENCE--after Will went to sleep for the night and Josh was off doing some church thing or another and I had the time to blogstalk....I'm realizing that soon there will be much more noise in my house (a.k.a. a crying baby). Oh heaven help me during those first few months!

Jeri said...

Can you imagine not being able to read? (Or not being able to hear!)
So blessed!
I'm going to copy your book list and read some of them. I read the dragon mother book this summer and LOVED it.
Are you on I love it.
Miss you.