Sunday, November 6, 2011


Don't believe what you hear: Halloween is not just one day. It's at least a week-long affair. Here are the pics to prove it.

Halloween Decor
No pics of ours, although we certainly have plenty. But H was obsessed with the house down the street and its vampire. Whenever I took my eyes off him for a second, he was down visiting the vampire. The vampire became especially alluring when its owners started giving him lollipops too.

Ward Trunk or Treat
Our ward trunk or treat was the Friday before Halloween. We brought white-chicken chili and lots and lots of candy to pass out. I didn't take many pics because it was extremely hard to keep track of H in a dark church parking lot. We also participated in the bishopric apple-pie-eating contest. Sweetie was determined to be Hermione this year. I found most of her costume at the Salvation Army in Massachusetts. I painted the stripes on her tie and made the wizard cloak. She got the wand from a friend's Harry Potter birthday party. Mister was a whoopie cushion, thanks to a costume borrowed from his cousin Rob, and H was Peter Pan (although he insisted for a while that he was Superman). Alas, the garden gnome costume did not pan out this year. I was going to be a glow-in-the-dark stick figure, but my costume fell apart just as we were getting into the van. Maybe next year.

Class Parties
The kids and I made cupcakes for Sweetie's class party. We decided to try scary faces. Then the kids decided to try to make those scary faces on their own faces.

I helped in Mister's class by bringing in 30 baggies of candy corns and manning the bingo-game station. The school also has a Halloween parade to the tune of "Monster Mash," which is really fun.

Pumpkin Carving. Mister and Sweetie drew their own designs. I did H's to be a Dr. Jekyll/Mister Hyde pumpkin, just like H is. One minute hugs and kisses, the next minute screaming and throwing-things fits.

Pumpkin Painting with the Neighbors

Halloween Night! Our neighbors all brought their dinners out, one lit a fire in their fire pit, and we canvased the neighborhood until H had enough.

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mwells said...

I agree. It was at lease 1 week long this year... Looks like your family made the most of it! I loved the cupcakes they decorated!