Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweetie, the Soccer Star

Hallelujah, we're finally done with fall sports. I want to reclaim my Saturdays. I want to go to boot camp aerobics class at the gym. I want to stop carrying around in my purse a gallon of water for each child and 3 fruit snacks/fruit roll-ups per sports game for H.

Sweetie ended the season with a bang, scoring 3 of her team's goals today and saving double that on defense. Sweetie is actually very fun to watch. She's persistent, fast, determined, and all over the field. She also hates to loose, and, poor girl, she had to learn to accept loss this season, given the fact that her team was lousy.

Mister is equally glad that soccer is over because he is tired of entertaining H by playing in the dirt, running up and down the sides of the field, and looking for ants and other bugs. (Note, Mister's blue hair is from his football tournament.)

I'm thankful Sweetie played soccer this fall because it gave me a chance to focus on her strengths, to praise her for never giving up, even when her team was loosing badly, and for doing her best.

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