Saturday, April 7, 2012

What a good Good Friday

What a good Good Friday! The kids were off of school, so I slept in a little longer and then went on a 6-mile run and got my fastest time in a while. I also managed to get my Segullah post up in time. Then we headed to the park to dye eggs with friends. (Unfortunately, in H's case, eggs were not all that were dyed. His legs are still a nice green color. I managed to salvage the shoes, but not the shorts/shirt/socks.)

After the park, Sweetie, her friend, H, and I rolled out the sugar-cookie dough I had made the night before, and we all frosted the bunny cookies.
Covered in flour and smelling like the vinegar in the egg dye.

Before dinner, J took the boys to the Fathers and sons campout. I tried not to think about the possibility of J chatting with the men (because we do know how he likes to chat) while H falls in the fire or gets lost in the dark (because we do know how he likes to run/trip/make mischief). To take my mind off such possibilities, Sweetie and I visited the candy store Sweeties and picked out candy for the Primary Activity Day ("A Day on the Prairie") and for the kids' upcoming Harry Potter Birthday Bonanza. Then we went to the mall to look for a belt for me; we came away empty-handed and passed over the Cheesecake Factory for dinner (much to my dismay) in favor of Chick-Fil-A and pottery painting, the latter of which Sweetie had had her heart set on for quite some time.  She picked out an ice-cream-cone box/holder and we went to town. I loved spending time with Sweetie. In our "normal" lives, I spend far too much of my time with her asking her not to bug or boss her brothers or to put away the overwhelming number of her possessions that seem to make their way daily out of her room and into the communal living space, and threatening to make her pay me her allowance if I have to pick them up or do her jobs. One-on-one, Sweetie is, well, very sweet. And funny  (e.g., doing crazy dance moves to the music in the isles of Forever 21). One day she will be the one laughing while telling me that I am embarrassing her, instead of the other way around. She was great company and she does really know how to laugh and have a good time.
Picking out her paints.

In all, it was a great day. The boys made it back in one piece this morning--I'm sure some Fathers and sons pics will be coming soon. It has been a good Good Friday and I have been grateful for the goodness in my life and the Gospel that gives it to me.

The one regret I have this Good Friday is that I haven't spent as much time talking about the Savior this week as I have in the past. Last year for a Relief Society nonSunday meeting, I managed to update my former plan/schedule for elementary school kids and teenagers (email me if you want a copy), but the evenings and nights have found part of us gone off to different activities. We have managed to do about half of the nights' readings/discussions and watched a couple of the church's Bible videos to go along with the eggs. But all of a sudden I have a moody almost 9-year-old (and to think I thought I had 3-4 more years before all of that starts!) who is not as excited about participating as in years past. Oh well, I think I'll hide the eggs and the pictures and we'll try to finish up tomorrow morning, since we have afternoon church.

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