Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gifts that Keep on Giving

With 2 kids' birthdays 8-14 days away, I'm currently on a desperate hunt for gifts that keep on giving, giving all the way through the hot summer so that I do not have to deal with fighting, boredom, etc. Okay, maybe that's asking a little much, but still, I need some help. What are the most-used gifts your kids have received?  (And I'm assuming books, legos, playmobil, and outdoor items like bikes/scooters are on everyone's lists.)

I'll add a few of our own below.

A recent winner for H:
All of the kids have loved this one:
H is currently obsessed with games and this is one for his age that I don't mind playing over and over again:

Mister got this for Christmas this year and he and Sweetie love building all kinds of contraptions--a doorbell, a light, etc.
My favorite game to play with the kids, hands-down. We love this one!
These books have kept my kids occupied during sacrament meeting and road trips for a couple of years now:

So what would you add?

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mwells said...

Where's Waldo and Mad Libs - a few faves in my house.