Sunday, April 15, 2012

Words for the Week

Monday night, in a fit of cleanliness, I put away almost everything that usually sits on "my" counter in the kitchen (with J working from home so much and usurping my office, I tend to stack my computer, my camera, and my piles there--teaching prep pile, Primary pile, book proposal pile, kids' papers pile, you get the picture). Unfortunately, since I put the camera away, you don't get the picture, or pictures, that is, of our week. These 2 are the only ones. But they're goodies. I give you . . . 
Sweetie's Art Debut
We got a letter in the mail a week or so ago, informing us that Sweetie's art had been chosen for an art show for our school district and that the open house would be Monday night. Sweetie had no idea which piece of hers was selected, so it was a surprise for us all. Here's our resident artist with her work:

Had I taken pictures of the rest of the week, you might have seen a lot of blue, red, and purple lips because we are the happy owners of a snow cone/slushy maker and have taken it upon ourselves to sample the flavor possibilities. 
And we've had the perfect weather for it. This afternoon after church, we spread the blankets out on the lawn again. J read; Sweetie, Mister, and I played Sleeping Queens, and H alternated between holding my knight cards, playing in the sandbox, and being sent inside for throwing dirt from the flowerbeds. It was just what I needed after spending the entire day yesterday cooped up in the library reading about rhetorical agency and moral agency. Blah. I don't want to talk about that and you don't want me to talk about that. We're trying to soak up the sun while we can. I have a strong premonition that in a few weeks, we'll be trying to stay out of the sun. I think that's the extent of this week's excitement. Without pictures, I don't remember much . . . how sad is that? I did break the camera out again and solemnly swear that I will not indulge any fits of cleanliness this week. 


melanie said...

Ack! I just realized I never emailed you back about the sno-cone machine! Yours looks just like the one we have. It's great!

I do the same thing when I can't stand the clutter any more. Inevitably a permission slip or some other needed paper gets thrown away in my fits. Sigh...

I hear ya about soaking in every minute of this weather. What are your summer plans?

bluestocking mama said...
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bluestocking mama said...

I accidentally hit "publish" so I deleted that comment.

Melanie, no worries about the sno-cone machine. Once I looked a bit on Amazon, the possibilities weren't too overwhelming, so I just chose one :)

Our summer plans right now are visiting family in California (extended weekend in June), visiting family in Utah (4th of July week), our own family trip to Colorado (a Friday-Tuesday night at the end of July), and Joe and I are planning a trip to Ecuador for the end of August!!

What about you?