Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Athletes and Graduates: May 2014, part 2

May meant the end of preschool for H (for this year, anyway!). He loved Mrs. Bradshaw's preschool and going with all of the neighborhood kids. What a great year!

 Pirate day and Lemonade stand day at preschool

May also meant the end of spring sports--Sweetie's soccer, H's soccer, and Sweetie's and Mister's track.

H's Soccer--the Black Alligators

  The devoted fans
Sweetie's Soccer--the Sparkling Stingrays

I don't have any pictures of Sweetie because, even though she went and ran laps and sprints 3 days a week, she never actually went to a meet! Her Saturdays were already full of soccer and parties :) Mister had a good season and did really well for his first year running. He was disappointed to never place in the top 6 in a meet (which was required to get a ribbon), but many times there were 3 heats and boys older and bigger than him. Also, we didn't always stick around until the end for him to run more events. Those track meets are LONG!! I'm proud of both of them for doing something that was hard and for sticking with it. 

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