Tuesday, September 30, 2014

May 2014, part 1

Sweetie's Birthday
Sweetie had a Luau birthday party with her friends. The plan was to go to my friend's pool, make candy leis, and have fruit kabobs and cupcakes. Alas, my friend called me the morning of the party with the bad news that their pool cover wasn't working and was stuck shut. So, I panicked, bought a slip and slide and ran to JoAnn's to get supplies for decorating flip flops. As I was sprinting into JoAnn's my keys took a leap from my pocket into the storm drain in the parking lot--30 minutes before party time. It was one of those laugh-or-cry moments. I called J to come get me, got there right before the party guests, and the girls had a great time anyway.

Sweetie at 9
favorite color=navy blue
favorite restaurant=Kneaders
favorite TV show=don't have one
favorite movie=Lego movie
favorite after school activities=playing with friends
favorite sports=soccer
favorite foods=wings, steak
favorite drink=Dr. Pepper
favorite cereal=Cinnamon Life
best friends= Talia, Adelyn, Audrey, Aliyah, Cynthia
when she grows up, she wants to be a financial forecaster--soccer player
she's really good at games and soccer
she wants to go on vacation to Hawaii
if she had $1000, she would buy . . . miracle of miracles, she can't think of anything she wants!
her biggest hero is her mom
before her next birthday, she wants to go to Disneyland

Mister's Arrow of Light
After Mister's birthday, we said Syonara to cub scouts for a season and welcomed 11-year-old scouts with open arms. And we attended Mister's Arrow of Light ceremony, which was significantly less "ceremonious" than our old pack's Indian festivities. J painted his face per this pack's tradition. Way to go, Mister!

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