Monday, September 29, 2014

Here's where I start trying to play catch-up. April 2014

Mister had to write a narrative for his class a few weeks ago, but couldn't remember all of the details of the harrowing experience he was writing about. I couldn't either. So we searched back through my blog. We didn't find the experience, but as we looked, I saw my kids growing up before my eyes and my heart hurt a little and I remembered why it's important for me to blog. So here's where I start trying to play catch-up. I've written down pictures from each month to try to do a summary of our past few months. So, I give you . . . . APRIL 2014.

In April, Mister turned 11. Yikes! One more year until Young Men's! He did have a friend birthday party this year--they partied it up at the Nicklecade with pizza, laser tag, and plenty of video games, but J took the party-goers, which meant we got no pics!


 Mister at 11
favorite color=green
favorite restaurant=Texas Roadhouse
favorite TV show=don't have one
favorite movie=Amazing Spiderman 2
favorite after school activities=riding Ripstick and Razor
favorite sports=football and golf
favorite foods=pizza, wings, ribs
favorite drink=Mountain Dew
favorite cereal=Hersheys Cookies and Cream
best friends=Alec, Garrett, 
when he grows up, he wants to be a financial forecaster--VP of finance like his dad
he's really good at games, having fun
he wants to go on vacation to China
if he had $1000, he would buy a fancy tv for his room
his biggest hero is his dad
before his next birthday, he wants to go to a state he's never been to

In April, Mister participated in the Hope of America concert with all of the other 5th graders from around us. I wasn't so happy to go to the Marriott Center and spend a few choice hours there, but it turned out to be well worth it.  

And April gave us some great kite-flying weather. 

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