Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back to the Beach!

There's a saying that goes, "If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough." Oh so true when it comes to our annual (almost?) trip to the beach with the extended P family. And, of course, the trip looks even more fun now that it's freezing cold here. 

I took these first 2 pics on my phone the night we pulled in and I went for a nice, long walk to decompress after an extra-long car ride, full of crying by the 1-year-old and crying by me, thanks to the shooting nerve pain in my cheeks, eyes, and teeth every time we changed elevation. It felt like a huge exhale to finally arrive at the beach.
I also found this beauty on my phone. The night we arrived, Sweetie gave me a black eye on the beach. But I don't know that I needed to take a super-close-up, unflattering photo to document it.
 What else is there to say? We spent most of the time in the water, in the sand, and in the sun. Little Zelly tried to convince anyone and everyone to take her into the water.

All worn out:

Sweetie's favorite thing at the beach other than the water: the dog.

These 2 were inseparable and spent the week jumping waves and collecting shells.
The bigger boys spent lots of time in the water, after which Mister soaked up the sun to warm up--not much fat on those bones!

After all of that time in the water, it's no wonder the beach house looked like this:
Hanging out
These girls did lots and lots of nails!


Sweetie tumbled all over the beach.

  Oh look! I made it in a picture:

 One other thing we love to do when we get together--EAT!


Until next time . . . 

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