Monday, November 17, 2014

Some Clever Title about Friends Visiting and Escaping to the Mountains

I'm plumb out of clever titles tonight, my friends. But I do have the month of July to wrap up. So pretend there's a nice clever title up there and then let's move on. In July we had a lot of visitors and it was so fun to see so many of our Arizona friends. In July we also had a lot of heat (of course, heat is all relative when you've lived in Arizona, but still. It was hot.) Luckily, we live a mere 8 minutes from a 20-degree drop in temps, so we spent quite a few evenings eating our dinner in the canyon--mainly Sunday dinner. Little Zelly may be afraid of water slides, but she wasn't afraid of wading around in super cold mountain streams.
 When the Wells visited, we hiked up to Timp Cave and took a tour and then, you guessed it, barbecued our dinner in the canyon.

We also went to Park City and road the alpine slide and the zipline.


 When the Seegmillers visited, they could only stay a day, so the kids just played and we sat and chatted.

We also hit the BYU Creamery a few times:

And the bookstore with its fudge and candy counter. Who are these bearded fools?! 
We definitely made the most of July!

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