Wednesday, May 21, 2008

conversations to and from the splash park

To the splash park:

Sweetie: "Hey mom, when is my wedding."
Me: "Your wedding???!"
Sweetie: "Yeah, like Rachel."
Me: "Oh. You'll get married and have a wedding when you find somebody who you love so much that you want to live forever with them."
. . . pause . . .
Sweetie: "Well, I already found somebody who I love so much and want to live forever with them--It's you."
Mister: "Mom's already had a wedding with Dad. But you can marry me."
Sweetie: "Oh, yeah. I love you. I can marry you."
Me: "You need to marry somebody who's not already in your family."
Mister: "But you married Dad and he's in our family."
Me: "But he wasn't when I married him. You have a lot of years to think about this. You're only 5 and 3. I was 24 when I got married. You can sleep on it."

Back from the splash park:

Me: "Mister, I noticed you playing with that boy over by the water guns. Did you make a new friend today?"
Mister: "No."
Sweetie: "I did."
Me: "Who's your new friend, Sweetie?"
Sweetie: "I'll give you a hint. She always follows me and does whatever I do. . . And she doesn't have a face."
Me, confused: "She doesn't have a face?"
Sweetie: "No, and she always bumps into things. . . . She's my shadow!"

So, apparently Sweetie's into inbreeding and making friends with her shadow. At least it makes for interesting conversations while driving.

My 3 favorite things of the day:
1. Morning loves from my kids.
2. A temperature drop tonight--hurray!!
3. Driving by myself with the music blasting.

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Christy said...

I love it! We venture from wanting to marry our sisters, to wanting to marry our dog dottie! I'll take the playful innocence, to dealing with teenage love any day...those days scare me!!!