Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm all partied out, Round 1

Round 1: Joint Star Wars birthday party for Mister and Sweetie.
I'm finally catching my breath after the last 3 weeks of birthdays, wedding, and deadlines (fellowship application, proposal for the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the biggest conference in my field and the one I always send in a proposal for). For the time being, I'm all partied out (until the summer vacations begin, anyway). Here's a glimpse of our fun, but exhausting partying.

Jedi Training Obstacle Course, with bridge over water, stone hopping over lava, tunnel, slide to yoda to earn your light saber

Darth Vadar pinata

"Annikan, Annikan, Darth Vadar"

Darth Vadar himself arrives to test the young jedi training.

Yoda rice crispy treats

We also played Star Wars bingo that I printed off from

Our 2 favorite jedis with storm tropper and Yoda.


mwells said...

I really dig the Yoda rice krispy treats!

smart mama said...

love your yodas-- and hey the pool noodle lightsabers rock- we have frequent battles here!

Rachel said...

You stand as one of the most creative, motivated people I know. What adventures! Your kids are sure lucky.