Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm all partied out: Round 4

Round 4 of paryting: My sister's wedding in Utah
My sister-in-law and I did her flowers after I arrived at 8pm the night before--11 bouts, 10 corsages, 13 vases, 1 bouquet, and the flowers on the cake. Phew! We did have some help from Rachel herself, my brother's fiance, and my photographer sister (who sliced open her finger with the flower clippers and had to receive 4 stitches from Dr. Dad in the kitchen while we finished up). Good times (and definitely not the first time Dad performed emergency stitching in the kitchen).

My lovely sister and her new husband:

My youngest sister took her pics because she is a fabulous photographer. Check out her photography site if you're interested:


mwells said...

I'm beginning to feel that you really are Wonder Woman! Your sister looks happy! I am happy for her!

smart mama said...

she looks beautiful-- good job on the flowers!

Lee said...

Oh that looks like fun. Beautiful Sister, and the flowers are great!