Thursday, March 11, 2010

The highs and lows

Every night at dinner I ask the kids about the days highs and lows--their favorite things and their least favorite things. Sometimes I get an answer, sometimes I don't. Here's what everyone reported tonight:

High: Meeting Duncan, Grady, and Ava at the Dino Dig and park by the library for lunch, digging, and hide-and-go-seek.
Low: Not getting to play one more game of hide-and-go-seek.

High: Playing outside after school.
Low: Not getting to go to the park with Duncan, Grady, and Ava. Not getting to go get ice cream like Tyler did (the boy next door). (Poor Mister, forced to eat leftover turkey for dinner and to actually attend school. Where's the humanity?)

Highs: (1) Having the pediatric neurosurgeon declare the H's skull is healing nicely at today's first follow-up to his bad head day. (2) Playing hide-and-go-seek with Sweetie. (3) Having a warm-fuzzy flashback to when it was just me and Mister when I drove by the construction vehicle dealer today. I noticed the front loaders and bulldozers, a habit I picked up when Mister was a little guy and would call out "Tractor! Tractor!" whenever we passed. Made me think of him with a smile.
Low: J gone to the MountainWest basketball tournament.

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