Thursday, March 4, 2010

March means . . .

Leaves back on the trees
Daffodils at Trader Joe's
Green eggs and ham for Dr. Suess's birthday
Our chrysalids will be turning into butterflies
Summer clothes and trips to the zoo

And for those of us in composition and rhetoric, March means 4Cs: the Conference on College Composition and Communication. H and I will be attending in Louisville, Kentucky in 2 weeks. Here's hoping that March also means me getting into gear and writing my conference presentation since I'll be giving it in 2 weeks. Yikes!


draeves said...

Did you still want to trade papers before the conference? I'm excited to see you and H!

bluestocking mama said...

I do really want to. Give me the weekend to see if I can get a rough draft going. I started working on it today before my daughter threw up all over the kitchen. I forgot how difficult it is for me to condense a lot of info into a short presentation time!

brown paper packages said...

I WISH that was what March meant! Here it just means more snow, lol. It looks lovely though--love the flowers!