Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How did that happen?!

It's already the last day of March? Wow. Well, time flies when you're busy. And, boy, have we been busy. Here's a few of our March happenings that I failed to blog about but that have been keeping us hopping:

The Great Butterfly Send-Off
Our 4 caterpillars made the transformation to chrysalids and to butterflies. So it was time for the big send-off into the real world. We made butterfly cupcakes and had the neighbors over to celebrate their day of freedom.
J's 33 and Better than Ever!
J turned 33 in March and, wouldn't you know it, the only picture I got of the party was not of the oldest boy in the house (J), but the youngest in his party garb.

With 4 practices under our belt, we're knee-deep in another season of T-ball. Mister and Sweetie are on the same team this year since I failed to sign Mister up for coach-pitch. Oh, well, it's fun to have them play together. We also have 2 neighbors and 2 kids from our old church who are on our team.
Project Basketball Hoop
J took the kids to buy a hoop last Saturday, but putting it together turned out to be a HUGE day-and-a-half job. Of course, it didn't help that I was off running errands and he had the "help" of all of our kids and a bunch of the neighborhood kids. (And, as we discovered, with the box, who really needs a hoop?!)
Back to School for Me!
The last 2 Tuesday mornings found me at a photography class taught by a local photographer who had been recommended by others. It was a good class for helping me get comfortable with my camera and with shooting in manual mode. Here are a few of my homework pics:

T-ball practice
Photo shoot in Easter clothes after church on Sunday (when H was Tired--probably not the best timing)


brown paper packages said...

I'm with you--it seems like Christmas was last week.

I LOVE your kids' Easter clothes. Where did you find them?

bluestocking mama said...

kierste, i got them on clearance last year at children's place