Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Monday, 3:35pm

and I have just recovered from yesterday.

It started with my opening the fridge before church, just to have all of the half-used containers of baby food fall out and splatter all over the floor, rug, and cabinet--peaches, peas, squash. I rolled the rug up, stuck it in the laundry room and thought, "I'll tackle the rest later."

Because it was a rainy, cool day (56 was the high), I had cooked our last frozen turkey for a nice, big Sunday dinner. H was screaming on the floor, so I used warm broth instead of my usual milk to make the roux for the gravy, and when I shook up the flour and broth, BAM! explosion. All over the kitchen--cabinets, floor, remaining rugs. Everywhere. I rolled the rugs up and took a swipe at the main traffic area on the floor and thought, "I'll tackle the rest later."

Just then, J called to say he wouldn't be home at the planned 5pm for dinner. It would be after 6pm or whenever they finally finished the tithing/fast offerings. Turkey dinners do not wait and neither do hungry kids (and hungry moms), so I gave the turkey carving a good try, fed everyone, cleared the table so we could play games for family game night. After family game night and kids in bed, I looked at the dishes stacked up high--turkey dishes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, dishes from making chocolate chip cookies for game night. And I said, "I'll tackle that later."

Today was later, and later is finally over. Just in time to make dinner again for tonight.

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Madsen Family said...

my mondays are always the same....recovering from sundays. sundays are hard b/c you just want a day of rest, from everything: laundry, cooking, cleaning, parenting. all i ever ask for from a sunday (after being spiritually replenished, of course) is a big fat nap. do i always get it? no. am i super grumpy when i don't? yes. is my house a tornado-like disaster come monday? absolutely--nap or no nap. but that's how it has to be since i demand some sort of day of rest. (plus, three hours of church really takes it out of you). glad you're finally recovered from your day of rest.