Monday, April 5, 2010

Just in time for Easter

We found out that H has a severe egg allergy, which might explain the general sleeplessness, the constant upset stomach, the fussiness, the 5-6 bowel movements every morning, the rashes around his mouth, the occasional welts on his body, etc, etc. I'm glad to have an explanation. So, hopefully, he'll outgrow it between age 3-5. Until then, I'll probably wean him, I'll try out some egg-free recipes, we'll carry an epi-pen, and the only Easter eggs he'll be eating will be plastic. So far, he's okay with the plastic eggs:

(And he's in his jammies thanks to an Easter blow-out.)

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Madsen Family said...

Bummer--but I'm glad you found out what was ailing the little guy. I have a friend who has two sons who have egg allergies. I'll see if she has any good recipes to send your way.