Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kissing and Growing up

Every once and a while, I'll have a day where it sinks in that, somehow in the process of breakfasts, cleaning, making lunches, walking to school, driving to T-ball, my kids are growing up, growing older. Today was one of those days.

Mister decided that he is growing too old to give me a hug and kiss before school in a place where his friends can see. He's now resorted to in-the-privacy of the van or the before-we-turn-the-corner-to-the-bus-stop kiss.

Sweetie decided that she is growing too old for the single life. When I picked her up from playing at a friend's house today (a friend who happens to be a boy), she informed me that she and Duncan were going to get married because they went on a date to Duncan's club and they kissed, which means "True Love," that they promise to marry each other, and they can't change their minds. When I told her that it's not a good idea to kiss people not in our family and that she needs to wait until she really loves someone, she said, "But Mom, I really really love Duncan."

And little H decided that he is too old for those boring baby toys. The lamp, the plant stand, the cord to the piano light, the cardboard box in the corner, the garbage, and the drawer under the stove with the pots are all more his style.
1. The smell of orange blossoms, 2. A quiet morning, 3. The anticipation of a trip

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