Thursday, March 22, 2012

Give Me a Break, a Spring Break

Last week was spring break.  We usually stick around because the weather is so nice, and we kept with tradition this year. In the first half of the week, the kids played with friends, played with friends, played with more friends.  Fun for them, not always so fun for me. We went to the park a lot.

We also watched Harry Potter #4 because we finally finished the book (Mister, Sweetie, and I are reading the series together at night.) H woke up for the last part. 

We also went to the zoo with friends. I had vouchers for the kids to feel the rays at Stingray Bay and to ride the camels. The older 2 preferred the rays, but H thought the camel ride was "awesome, Mom!"

 We had a great time--lots of the animals were out on the Arizona trail (can you see the bobcat in the pic below?) and the new bear was really close and active.
 Of course, the day was not without incident. H would not ride in the wagon and kept running. He fell in the water seen in this picture, and he chased a bird and skinned his knees up pretty good.

On Wednesday, Mom and Dad arrived! Thursday we went to the Kartchner Caverns, kind of a long drive, but the formations in the caves were amazing. Sweetie thought they were creepy and scary. H did better than I thought he would in the hour and fifteen minutes underground. We couldn't take pics, so I'll borrow some from their site:
After the cave tour, we had a picnic and headed back. Friday we celebrated J's 35th birthday. I had emailed family and friends to compile 35 great things about J. It was a good experience for me to read all of the kind things people said about him and to remember how amazing he is--it's sometimes easy to forget things like that in the humdrum of daily life. We attached one or two good things about him to balloons and put the balloons all over the house. Vickie, Ron, and their kids and Louie and Kathy joined us for Mexican food and for cake/ice cream/presents after the restaurant.  

We had a great spring break and the kids loved seeing both sets of grandparents. Thanks for coming!

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