Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Derby Time!

Pinewood derby, that is. Mister's (and my) first. Grandpa helped Mister cut out his car, then Mister took it from there, sanding and painting. J and Mister went to Ron's office to melt metal for the bottom of his car. All of this hoop-la paid off, as Mister's "Video Game" car raced to 4th place. Mister got a certificate for "Best Game Player." (I was just glad that H didn't wreck the track while we were there. We had some close calls, and his record for not destroying things is not good, seeing as how earlier that day, he pushed over the 4-foot panther in the office of the kids' school, and it shattered into pieces.  The principal consoled me, saying, "I think it only cost us $10,000.") But anyway, here's our Derby winner and his prize car and some of the action:

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