Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What has that crazy H been up to?

Daily sayings by H:

"So, what you doin?"
"So, I have cookie?"
"So, you read me bookies?"
"So, I have M&Ms, ride scooter down to the park, watch movie with daddy?"
"So, I look at pictures on your phone?"

Other than repeating the above sayings 20 times a day, H leads a full life of
baking (he's actually pretty darn good at stirring and dumping various ingredients)
 sneaking things into the cart at Target when I'm not looking,
 stealing my phone to delete pictures :(, to look at pictures, to take pictures (some of which turn out, as evidenced below)
and some of which do not. 
 He also keeps busy raiding others' bedrooms for things to wear (J's hat and Mister's shoes in the pic below)
 And I cannot forget his obsession with diapers, particularly with lining them all up to see the characters on them. He also leaves stacks of books in his various reading spots around the house.
 And the scooter riding. He is a scooter-riding maniac. Not only is he a speed demon on the older kids' scooter, but he also prefers Sweetie's bent scooter (from being left right behind the van when I backed out). I'd think it would be harder to balance, but whatever.
 And he's a sucker for his backpack, which he fills with pretzels and goldfish and all kind of snacks that he helps himself to after pulling chairs over and climbing up to the snack cupboard. 
We love our crazy H!

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mwells said...

Glad to know he knows more words than the one he repeated over and over at my house! ;) He's such a cutie!