Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Day on the Praire

So, I'm sure you've noticed (anyone, anyone?!) that I took an unintended leave of absence from blogging for the past couple of weeks. It's called being CRAZY BUSY, with J in North Carolina for a week, swim lessons starting, dance, piano, Sweetie's presentation, Mister's wolf ceremony, birthday party, class treats, birthday lunches out with mom, teaching at BYU-Idaho, and Primary stuff. It's been fun, fun, but also exhausting. So, I'm setting out to recap it all in individual posts this weekend. Here's the first--our Primary Activity Day, "A Day on the Prairie." The kids churned butter, kneaded dough, learned about pioneers and covered wagons, dressed up for a photo booth, and did relay races with handcarts, hoop/sticks, and washboards/hanging clothes. They then got to take their 5 pennies to the general store for marbles, candy sticks, lemon drops, taffy, and gingersnaps. It was fun, but my station was outdoors and we hit a record-high 105 that day! I sweat through my shirt/apron after running the handcarts all over the place.

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melanie said...

What fun!! Sounds like an awesome activity, despite the tormenting Arizona heat. Great job!!!