Sunday, June 27, 2010

California: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:
The kids' delight in riding the rides at Knott's Berry Farm. (And my turn on the Xcelerator and the Silver Bullet were not too shabby either.)

We talked Sweetie into trying the Sidewinder and she hated every minute of it. The first pic is going up (see J waving?), the second, coming down (see Sweetie, gasping?).
Mister, however, went on everything they would let him ride, including the Ghost Rider roller coaster. Sweetie, H, and I hovered by the exit, with me sure that his lightweight body would fly out on any one of those rickety curves. Here he is at the end--he looks like he's kind of smiling?

Cotton candy. Definitely a good.

The beach, ahhhh, the beach. I wondered how relaxing it really would be with an 11-month-old who eats anything he can find, but he only tried the sand once and then decided crawling around in circles in it and digging in it were better than eating it. And, surprisingly enough, he loved the water and was quite distraught when his mean dad would not let him crawl out past his head. Mister and Sweetie tried their hands at a sand castle and then gave it up for wave jumping. J got the kite going higher than imaginable (see if you can find the tiny speck of kite in the picture.)

The Bad:
H got sick. Surprise, surprise. Actually, it was a surprise to us since he developed the world's worst diarrhea while we were at Knott's. After going through the 8 diapers that I just happened to have brought with on some strange fit of over-preparedness, we went back to J's parents and called it a day. Here he is, the unhappy little guy. He got close to smiling on the carousel, but otherwise was a wreck.

The Ugly:
Despite my love of the beach, gotta put the sand in "the ugly" category. Notice the drool pouring off of H's chin in this pic. Drool and sand are definitely an ugly mix.
Of course, Sweetie immediately decided to try her hand at creating the perfect sand angel. Sand angel? There are no such things, Sweetie!!! And there's a reason for that. Sand crusted hair is ugly.

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