Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Memoriam: Green Glider/Recliner

Green Glider/Recliner (G/R), beloved companion, sometimes-jungle gym, and treasured place of sleep, reading, and baby-rocking, died this morning at the relatively young age of 7 from complications of over-rocking.

G/R entered our lives in Grafton, Massachusetts, in the nick of time to help us with a crying, gassy baby. In her childhood, she weathered the long, cross-country move with us to the desert of the Southwest just in time to help with another less-gassy baby. G/R held a prominent position in the nursery and was always central to decorating decisions in that room. Although she was sporting some stains and had faded a bit since the days of her youth, her demise was sudden and disappointing.

G/R is survived by Wood Changing Table/Dresser, whose side she never left in all her short years. She will also be missed by those whom she recently spent time with: Checked Green Fleece Blanket and various Multi-colored Throw Pillows. After a short memorial service, G/R will be laid to rest by the side of the street until the bulk trash takes her to her final resting place.

Pictures in Memoriam


Madsen Family said...

Oh, goodbye, sweet chair. May you rest in peace. I am so glad that you provided this family with so much love and care. Now whatever will they do or wherever will they sit without you there? I send my thoughts and prayers to your grieving family.

Devan said...

You are so cute and creative! Sad times when a loved one passes. :)