Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweetie, the Graduate and Dance Diva

Last week, Sweetie graduated from preschool. She got an "award" on her diploma for being a gifted reader. I look at the pictures and wonder how she got that old. She'll miss her teacher and her preschool friends.
She also had her year-end dance recital, which she was SO excited for. Here's the beginning and end of the dance, which is really the only time when the dancers were remotely together. But they were having fun, which is all that really counts. :)
Luckily, J's parents were in town visiting and were gracious enough to come to (i.e., suffer/sit through) both events.


brown paper packages said...

She is darling!!

Hayley said...

Her dance costume is so cute! Congratulations on your little graduate! Now on to Kindergarten!