Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas and New Year's in Utah

Are you tired of Christmas posts yet?! This should be the last. I got too far behind. The morning after Christmas, we headed out for Utah. About 4 hours into the drive, the kids started asking if we were out of the state yet. Nope. And not even half-way there. Such is the seemingly never-ended drudgery of the drive. But it was oh-so-worth it. We relaxed and went to the movies as a family and as a couple, we had our family party, and we snowmobiled with almost the entire extended family up to my parents' cabin to celebrate New Year's with plenty of food, great company, beautiful scenery, great snow, and a huge bonfire! Unfortunately, we also ended up with colds, bloody noses, the stomach flu (after the vacation, thankfully), and not one uninterrupted night on the entire trip. I guess that's the story of traveling with kids.


Madsen Family said...

C, I don't know where to start. Love all the updates and I could never be tired of Christmas. Looks like you had a good one. I hear you about traveling with kids--one never sleeps so great, eh? But it is worth it. I think I will join you next year at your parents' cabin for some snowmobiling. What fun. Merry Christmas to you and your cute family!

mwells said...

So fun!!