Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This year's card, with names removed from the bottom, not that anyone really reads my blog who doesn't already know our names, but oh well, I guess I'll maintain the status quo.

And letter:

Year in Review: 2011
H (2 ½ ):  H spent 2011 destroying things and giving us hugs and kisses to win back our affection in the aftermath of the destruction. In 2011, he has mastered fake crying, riding his brother’s scooter, dancing to “Tik Tok” on our Just Dance 2 Wii game, and making us laugh.  H will do anything for the person who will give him candy, read him a book, play him a Primary song on the piano, or push him on the swings. He has plenty of profound answers to our most pressing question: “H, why did you do that?” “Um, because.”

SWEETIE (6 ½): Sweetie spent 2011 reading, pestering her first-grade teacher to let her take tests on the books she read, singing, dancing, playing the piano, playing soccer, swimming on the swim team, decorating our driveway with sidewalk chalk murals, leaving kind little notes on everyone’s beds, and filling up her social calendar with more playdates than we could keep straight.  Sweetie is the 2011 reigning Possessor of the Remote Control.

MISTER (8 ½): Mister spent his time in 2011 playing basketball and swimming on the swim team, playing the piano (much to his dismay), starring as The Hitman on his flag football team, reading, scouting, and trying out karate, which he discovered is not a passion (thank heavens). Mister has patiently weathered sharing a room with his little brother, who is prone to late-night singing sessions. For his patience, Mister has been rewarded with H’s undying affection.

J: J spent 2011 golfing, watching sports, golfing, golfing some more, and oh, yeah, he did manage to work too (still at Bank of America). He also got swept up in Jimmermania; in fact, one of the highlights of 2011 for J was his trip to Vegas for the MWC basketball tournament, where he witnessed the Jimmer score 50+ points.  J’s been working more from home lately, which makes for glorious, child-free grocery-store trips for me during naptime and lunch breaks to hit range balls for him. He also spent plenty of time in 2011 in church-related activities as a member of the bishopric in our church until he was released last month.

C: I did not spent 2011 finishing a degree, writing a dissertation, having a baby, moving to another state, or any of the other major, time-consuming occurrences of the past years.  So why do I feel like I’m busier than ever?? Maybe because in 2011 I made at least 975 meals and watched at least  91 hours of kids’ sporting events (and by “watched,” I mean, chased H around and made sure he didn’t fall in the pool, run in the street, etc).  My watching of kids’ sporting events did take place with contact-free, glasses-free vision, thanks to my corrective eye surgery in May, which is one of my 2011 highlights. I also did a little running, painting, reading, planning cub scout den meetings, and revising pieces of my dissertation for publications and presentations.

As 2011 ends, we remember how blessed we are to have crossed paths with so many good people.  We hope the close of 2011 finds you happy and filled with the peace that this season can bring.

The P Family

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