Sunday, January 22, 2012

A massage or a psychoanalysis?

This week will be better than last week. How do I know this? Because I spent the beginning of last week losing  5 pounds the hard way--via a horrendous stomach flu. (Although to be truthful, any way of losing 5 pounds is hard.) And that stomach flu activated my ulcer, which I discovered I had before Christmas but for which I was too busy to fill the prescription. So, as a result of that and one other medical issue, I also did not sleep much last week. On the bright side, in my sleepless, nauseous state, I discovered Downtown Abby and started delving into the first season episodes, which I watched free on Amazon.

After such a rough week, I finally scheduled the massage J gave me for my birthday waaaaayyy back in September. After working on the knots in my back for a while, the massage therapist told me, "I can tell you don't know how to relax. In fact, you probably go to the gym for your stress relief instead of sitting down and really relaxing." Hmmmmm. He also told me he could tell I'd had back pain issues in the past because of the way my back was responding "defensively" to pressure, he could tell I had a child that I sometimes toted around on my left arm, and he guessed that, because the right side of the back is the "masculine" side (this sounds kind of fishy to me, but I went with it), the tenseness/pain in my right side could indicate that I am not feeling enough support in some aspect of my life right now. Hmmmm. So, I got a massage and a psychoanalysis. What a value for my money. Maybe it was a good thing the massage was only for 60 minutes or my massage therapist might have unearthed all my secrets. 


Jeri said...

Well, in my humble opinion, massage therapists are supposed to be QUIET so that I can relax. It is stressful to have to wonder how I'm gonna be judged next.
(I am impressed, however, that he was able to divine that you've been carrying a child on one hip! HOW did he do that? Snort.)

Madsen Family said...

Too's to a better week (and I heart Downton Abbey, too--season 2 is currently playing on PBS). Now go sit down and relax--don't go to the gym, for crying out loud!

Rosalyn said...

I'm so sorry you've been having such a rough time!

I do love Downton Abbey. I keep telling everyone I know to watch it! (And Sherlock is on later this spring, can't wait!)