Sunday, May 6, 2012

Celebrating these Fine Souls

In this last catch-up blog post of Mister's birthday and Sweetie's birthday, I need to first say that I love to celebrate the days of their births because each of those days brought me a blessing beyond compare. Most days, I go to bed thoroughly exhausted and thoroughly grateful for these fine souls I get to love forever.
Mister's Birthday(s)
Mister's birthday began with chocolate milk and waffles. At lunchtime, I brought him his favorite orange chicken from Panda Express. In the evening, we went to the school carnival and he got his free ribs from his favorite restaurant. On the Sunday after his birthday, when J was finally home again, J cooked him up his favorite wings for dinner, and the Rocks joined us for presents and cake.

Sweetie's Birthday(s)
Sweetie didn't want anything special for her birthday breakfast, other than the much-loved chocolate milk. I also took her Panda for lunch, and she chose steak for her birthday dinner. She couldn't wait for the Rocks to join us to open her presents so she opened them on her birthday and we had her cake a couple of days later.

 J and I gave Sweetie a whiteboard (because of her love of drawing on every single thing) and a karaoke microphone and stand (because of her love of music and of being in the limelight). We put that to good use right away. Notice H dancing his little fanny off while the older kids sang.

I'm going to try posting a couple of videos of the singing action (and the rapping action--they are their father's children, after all):

 When the Rocks came over we played minute-to-win-it, elephant march, which was pretty funny. Alicia was the big winner, knocking over the water bottles in only 20 seconds!


Jeri said...

Awesome! Love it!

Saysha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of those cute kids! I can NOT even believe the Harry Potter Party you threw. is unbelievable. You. Are. Amazing. (Oh, and can I just say that I think Mister's newborn picture looks just like him? Funny!)