Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started: Our Hogwarts Extravaganza

It's been 2 years since I've done a birthday party for the kids, and 2 years ago we went to Chuck E. Cheese since H was 9-months old and I couldn't handle an "extravaganza" yet. So, since it'll be another 2 years before more parties and since the kids both wanted a Harry Potter party, I decided we'd go big. I had so much fun planning it with them. But then there's the execution. I should be a party planner and then hire people to do the actual work because I am not so good at the actual work. But here's how the party went down in the end:

The invites, sealed and with an "owl feather" attached

The favors--chocolate frog boxes
And the chocolate frogs
The book of spells
The Honeydukes bag with ton-tongue toffee, Droobles best blowing gum, Fizzing Wizzbees, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and the chocolate frog
We were scurrying around at the last minute trying to hang the Hogwarts sign in the front of the house and the house banners above the garage (I borrowed these from a friend). I also have a wall-covering that looks like a castle stones for inside, but we didn't get that up in time--we had a couple kids come 25 minutes early. Hello! I'm not that prepared! Anyway, because of the last-minute scurrying, I didn't get any pre-party pics, but here you can see Madame Malkin's rob shop and behind the girls are the wands in Ollivander's wand shop.

The Sorting Hat ceremony--I recorded it from the movie on my phone and played pieces for each kid. They got a house sticker for their robes to match whichever house the hat told them.

The feast! hot dogs, watermelon, chips, and soda--we had 17 kids total and they drank  60 cans of soda!!

Inedible Potions class
Edible potions class
Care of Magical Creatures--they had to find these hidden in the yard to get points for their house.
Taking turns riding on Hagrid's motorcycle to the park to play Quidditch.
H in his robe
The birthday boy
Quidditch, which was totally chaotic.
Opening presents, after which we had "cauldron cakes" (cupcakes) and called it good. 


Madsen Family said...

I'm seriously jealous--not just jealous of your mad party-planning AND excecuting skills but also simply jealous that I couldn't attend the party myself. I love me some Harry Potter and that party looked like a blast, especially the ride-Hagrid's-motorcycle-to-the-park part. Too bad J doesn't pass for much of a Hagrid, har, har. Feel free to send me a Hogsmeade bag of goodies any time you like!

Mike said...

This seriously sounds like the best party ever. If we were to ever do a murder mystery party as family, I would nominate you to take charge of it.

melanie said...

Ah.Maz.Ing!! You are so talented, and I'm with the other comments-- I want to come next time!! What a great idea.

Lindsay Riggs said...

Catherine! What an amazing party! I totally wish I had been a party guest! Did you MAKE all the robes? the chocolate frogs? Way to go!

bluestocking mama said...

Lindsay, yes, I made the robes. I borrowed a friend's serger. At first it wasn't so bad, but then the needle broke, I got the wrong kind for replacements, the needles broke again, etc. By the last 3, I wanted to tear my hair out :) And the chocolate frogs were easy. I borrowed a friend's mold and I already had chocolate from Christmas.

mwells said...

My kiddo had so much fun! Thanks for all your effort! Happy b-day to your little witch & wizard!