Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's that time of year

Recital time. This past week we were lucky to watch Sweetie dance her heart out at her dance recital.

Both kids also played in another teacher's piano recital (since I teach them myself, they wouldn't get that opportunity). But I think it's a good experience to prepare a song (or 2, in this case) and to play it in front of an audience. Mister heartily disagreed and we had some drama before the recital, but in the end, he played, but not without the music. Regardless, he did a great job, as did Sweetie. We didn't video them--just a still shot--so you are saved feeling obligated to click on the video and listen to recital pieces :) Instead, if you see them this summer, grandparents, ask them to play their pieces for you, please!

 It's also the time of year for weddings, and this week was the wedding of one of my old Laurels, whose dad was the bishop that J served with and whose mom is a good friend of mine and the kids' old preschool teacher. So I was happy to help ice cakes for the wedding. My friend made 42 9x13 cakes to serve, and I made the frosting and iced them into 21 double-layer cakes, 2 per cake box. It took me much longer than I thought (as is always the case with me--somehow I think I'm so much more efficient than I actually am!) And in the end, my kitchen looked like a powdered sugar bomb exploded in it, but the cakes were iced and tasted great.

I spent most of my spare time this week grading papers, and after submitting grades yesterday, I woke up this Sabbath morning to a few complaints already present in my inbox. So today I am frustrated with teaching writing online, but unlike the kids' elementary school, which ends this Thursday, this semester is hardly over so I will continue plugging along.

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mwells said...

Phew - sounds busy. You are amazing!