Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day

Last day of swim lessons for H yields lots of pics because I promised him he could show them off to his brother and sister and tell them all about touching the bottom of the pool, diving through the hula hoop, swimming to the edge, jumping off the diving board, finding treasure, and swimming on his back. H was not a huge fan of swim lessons this year, which surprised me because he has few fears (other than the mysterious "nightmare in my closet," thanks to a book by Mercer Meyer). But he was a trooper and didn't complain too much about going to lessons every day. 

And last day of school for the kids.

I have mixed feelings about the end of school this year. I'm usually more than ready to have my kids home again. But this year, while I celebrate no more packing lunches and helping with homework, I am worried about my ability to teach my online class, get my Primary duties done, manage the increasing fighting (between H and Sweetie--they both like to be the boss), and lead the kids in fun summer activities. I will also miss my alone time with H, who is really delightful one-on-one. When I read him books before naptime, he puts one check next to mine and hooks his arm under my chin to place his little hand on my other cheek. He's a great shopping buddy, as long as I bring a fruit snack and let him help put the cans/boxes/produce in the cart. He rocks out to my tunes in the car, and he tells me all kinds of fascinating made-up things from his vantage in the middle seat.  I am ready, however, to be done being his sole game-playing-companion. To say H loves playing games is an understatement. We play at least 4 a day and usually don't play by the rules (which annoys Sweetie to no end). I will love the kids' company, but I will not like seeing my happy little companion turn into a shouting, crazy, trying-to-get-attention, almost 3-year-old.

Oh well, ready or not, here comes summer!

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