Sunday, June 7, 2015

Double Digits!

I don't know how Sweetie managed to turn double digits and have a cousin birthday party, complete with 3 games of laser tag, pizza, foot spa, movies, and a sleepover, without us getting any pictures of the fun. Sweetie's birthday was on a Sunday, the same day when Mister got ordained to the priesthood, so we had lots of family here (the Rocks, Mark, and both sets of grandparents) to wish Sweetie a happy birthday.  Here she is with her requested chocolate cake and her presents. 

Sweetie at 10
favorite color=turquoise
favorite restaurant=Texas Roadhouse
favorite TV show=don't have one
favorite movie=The Avengers
favorite after school activities=video games
favorite sports=soccer and gym
favorite foods=wings
favorite drink=Spite
favorite cereal=Cinnamon Life
best friends=Talia
when she grows up, she wants to be a pro soccer player
she's really good at piano and flute
she wants to go on vacation to Hawaii
if she had $1000, she would buy Disneyland tickets for her entire family
her biggest hero is her mom
before her next birthday, she wants to go to Disneyland

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